Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International Visited Bai Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Xingcheng Municipal Committee and Mayor of Xingcheng

On March 10, Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd., and his colleagues went to Liaoning Province to visit Bai Jianfeng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Xingcheng Municipal Committee and Mayor of Xingcheng. The two sides exchanged views on the cooperation in the “Integration of fishing, sightseeing and tourism” project in Xingcheng. The meeting was attended by Zhao Shuye, Director of Xingcheng’s Development and Reform Bureau, Gao Yonggang, Director of China Merchants Group of Xingcheng, Wang De, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Xudabao Town, Xingcheng City, and He Kun, Head of the Preparatory Team of Northeast Region of Beijing Energy International.

At the meeting, Zhu Jun introduced the development status and future planning of Beijing Energy International. He said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, as the new energy industry represented by solar and wind energy storage will develop more rapidly, Beijing Energy International will integrate the advantages of both sides in an innovative way towards the goal of “reaching peak in carbon emission” and “realizing carbon neutrality”, realize the deep integration of industrial energy, and create a model project of cooperation between Beijing Energy International and Xingcheng, so as to contribute to the city’s economic and industrial development.

Bai Jianfeng expressed warm welcome to Zhu Jun and his colleagues, and was full of confidence in the prospects of future cooperation between the two sides. He said that Xingcheng City is located on the west bank of Liaodong Bay and is a node city in the Northeast and North China economic circle, enjoying rich wind and solar resources. He said he looks forward to cooperating with Beijing Energy International, an excellent clean energy investment operator based on sincerity and mutual benefit.

The two sides conducted in-depth explorations on the Xingcheng project and reached a cooperation intention. For the next step, the two sides will promote the signing of the project cooperation agreement. They also proposed to combine photovoltaic building with intelligent, modern, and ecological aquaculture during the implementation of the project to form an effect of concentrating the advantages of “photovoltaic” + “ecology”. Guided by the local “14th Five-Year Plan”, the two side will deepen cooperation in new energy.