Panda Green Energy Initiates Blockchain Project

(Shenzhen, January 9 2018) The global leading eco-development solutions provider - Panda Green Energy Group Limited (00686.HK "Panda Green Energy") met with Huawei and New Energy Exchange (NEX) in Shenzhen, to officially initiate the Blockchain Project.


During the meeting, representatives from NEX, well-known blockchain technology experts from Huawei and near 20 senior managements from Panda Green Energy together discussed the theories and current states of blockchain technology in real business application, and studied cases of microgrid and smart grid in blockchain application. Mr. Alan Li, CEO of Panda Green Energy, exchanged ideas with experts and guests at the meeting about blockchain’s future application in the field of energy and reached a consensus that the organic combination of new energy and blockchain technology will become a new direction of future development.


Panda Green Energy officially delegated NEX to build smart power plant blockchain management system and start the development of Pandacoin. Pandacoin is a digital currency backed by the assets of Panda Power Plant jointly built by the Chinese government and the United Nations. Pandacoin can be used for subscription and trading of new energy assets such as solar, wind and hydropower around the world. In the future, the Panda 100 project will promote the new ecology of the energy Internet and blockchain, and realize global new energy interconnection through Pandacoin developed by NEX. In the future, the Panda 100 project will promote the new ecology of the energy internet and blockchain application, and realize global new energy interconnection through the Pandacoin developed by NEX.


NEX is an energy Internet and new ecology service provider providing an integrated solution to the energy Internet based on blockchain technology. Founded in 2012, NEX has completed plenty of new energy assets trade in the past 5 years, and set up a team of experts in mid-2017 to carry out blockchain technology R & D and application.