New Year Speech Delivered by CEO Mr. Alan Li

Whether you like it or not, the annual rings bring us to a new year again. When we are feeling that days pass by and time flies away, we all have to face the proposition about time——" When we look back at our life, will we have no regrets over any time we wasted?” On the New Year’s Eve, we hereby celebrate with you by this speech and share you the best wishes when the new year bells ring.


In 2017, AlphaGo once again beat human top Go players, driverless cars began to run on public roads, China FAST explored further the universe and bike-sharing became the new "Chinese Invention" ... A series of subversive technological innovations and economic patterns are rapidly changing our lives and future. However, the most surprise in 2017 would be this winter. Without brutal smog, Beijing's bright blue sky seems to become a "new normal." While enjoying the warm winter sunshine, we feel China’s courage on controlling environmental pollution, determination to build ecological civilization, and the pursuit of enhancing people's sense of gain and happiness. Yes, the blue sky and white clouds are our greatest pursuit of happiness, and are also our lifelong goal in the new era.


2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The 19th National Congress once again put forward speeding up the construction of ecological civilization and expanding the clean energy industry development. In 2017, the newly installed capacity of solar power plants in China surpassed 50GW for the first time, keeping ranking the top of the world. At the end of the year, the tariff was once again lowered, and grid parity will be in the near future. All sectors of the industry chain are working hard for the early arrival of this day, as new technologies in the upstream manufacturing sectors continued to iterate, and the downstream investment in reducing operation and maintenance costs came into effect. Grid parity means that clean energy can be used commonly by tens of thousands of households, which is also a "green dream in new era" of Panda Green Energy.


2017 is also of great significance to Panda Green Energy. Top financial institutions like ORIX, ADB and China Huarong became a strong backing of Panda Green Energy’s development. Panda Green Energy continued to actively promote its power plant investment and reached an accumulative installed capacity of 2GW, steadily developed its wind power business, and at the same time owned the largest hydropower reserve in the world. As the name card in the field of Chinese new energy, the first Panda Power Plant was located in Datong and became a benchmark popular around global media. The first Youth Leadership Summer Camp for Climate Action was successfully held, and more than 50 teenagers across the country will become seeds for "green dreams". During the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation on May 14, Panda Power Plant was officially listed in the Action Plan on Jointly Promoting "Belt and Road" Construction launched by United Nations and the Chinese Government. CCTV also broadcasted about Panda Power Plant during the 19th National Congress and praised it as "Charging for Beautiful China" and "Chinese Business Card for Green Transition"!


Saying goes like "The tides are peace and the river banks are wide; when wind blows it’s right time for sailing." Dating back to history of global ecological and green transformation, the development trend of new energy in 2018 will continue to move forward with the support of national policies, efforts of industry colleagues and the public attention. Panda Green Energy will also devote itself to the development and construction plans of the "Belt and Road" policy, and will make a firm move towards the grand goal of the "Panda 100" project as soon as possible, so as to contribute to the climate governance in China and the world.


2018, the new voyage is about to start. Thank you for all the support. Wish you peace and success, and all your dreams come true!